shopping thailand very popular in the capital of Thailand.

posted on 10 May 2013 14:14 by accessories9
          Where young teenagers to focus. Appointment with friends to increase the fun. Shopping and walking in the heart, for example.
  • Union Mall. What is the source of information about fashion trends. As with all forms of dress coats, jeans, bags, shoes with a light bag.
  • Chatuchak is a popular and favorite shopping thailand. Spending a whole bunch of young and middle-aged people during the weekend. Which is open every Saturday and Sunday. Whether it is a hand of a handmade product with a good sized chic, affordable and also easy access and fast, too.
  • The monument is one of the main central shopping district, walking distance from the front yard to the Victory Center One has a variety of products to choose from. Each store will cost a little bit different.
  • Siam source shopping thailand Choose the remaining sample of couples and adolescents. But the price is more expensive than other stores. For the most part will focus on the jewelry you choose to purchase a fully
  • Memorial Bridge is a shopping hand and two in the evening. Rich clothes style.

          This all said, this is only entitled to one new shopping thailand part of the capital of Thailand only. It also does not count the numerous malls involved. There is also a shopping Eat at different options you have to choose another.