types of fashion accessories pearl unlocked.

posted on 11 Apr 2013 17:27 by accessories9
Position of the Pearl, key generators, including Japan, China and South Sea pearls of fashion accessories division can be classified into two categories, which are used for the Natural Pearl and Cultured Pearl trading is the carat size is used for trading. The unit is millimeter.
For the type of pearl is the origin.
  • Freshwater Perl are found on the beach and river. Cheaper than saltwater pearls because of inferior luster.
  • Akoya Pearl mostly found in Japan. A pearl luster than other types.
  • Characteristics generally similar to Mach glistening pearls, fresh water.Unless a larger size, more smooth, more rounded shape. Glitter and sparkle than failure.
  • White SouthSeaPearl. Using larger oysters. This makes it expensive and rare pearls.
  • Pearl Tahitian Pearl is a beautiful and special colors are gray and black to green and purple with a very high price.